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Eye Pigment Eye color is created by melanin, which also dictates skin color. The more melanin in your iris, which is the colored area surrounding the pupil, the darker your eye color will be. Light eyes such as blue, green or grey are more sensitive in sunlight.

However, 6, results for hyacinth-blue eyes is encouraging. Try jellyfish-blue eyes. Even more promising. Readers loved it and repeated it, others joined them, and so on … and so on …. Eyes broadcast emotions. A person might be able to hide a smirk or pout behind a hand, but the micro-movements of the eyes, eyelids, and brows will usually reveal the truth behind an emotionless face. Can you hope to create something new and memorable when millions of writers are trying to do the same?

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While you search for inspiration, remember that nobody has irises of a single color. Go to YouTube, Google Images, or your favorite clip art sites. Scrutinize close-ups.

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The description of an intimate encounter or a face-to-face meeting of enemies can intensify by describing the passion or fire with colors and patterns. Start with basic hues such as those in the following list.

Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

Then add flecks, streaks, or speckles of a different color. I have dark complexion. I like shopping clothes, reading interesting books, going to the cinema and. I like playing keyboard, listening to music and going out with my friends. In the picture I have tight hair. I have blonde, wavy and long hair. Can you see me? My hobbies are: dancing, drawing, music I am wearing loose hair, too.

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I like reading, listening to music, going to the gym. Hi everybody.

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I've got short brown hair and in this picture I'm wearing black clothes. I like computers, swimming and going to the cinema. I also like dancing a lot.

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I have got long brown hair and brown eyes. I have long, blond, straight hair. I have brown eyes. My hobbies are listening to music and going out with my friends.

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I like music and surfing the Internet. I usually wear glasses.

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