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Possibly true fact: the taste of salicylic acid can discourage bears from gnawing on your face. Just like the acne treatment, a little dab of aspirin paste will do you when it comes to mosquitoes, flies, and the other stinging and biting bugs out there. A great little camping piece of know-how: willow trees and their ilk contain the natural equivalent of Bayer. Some bark will have a similar effect to the paste described earlier. When I was a Boy Scout in Colorado, we used to strip small sections of bark off of aspen trees and treat the bug bites we brought upon ourselves by being fragrantly scrumptious.

A crushed aspirin in water one pill to one gallon helps plants to fight infection and stay alive during traumatic plant experiences like transplanting, cutting, cloning, or zombie attacks. If your plants are dying in front of your eyes, it can be tempting to resort to extreme measures to rescue your little green friends with a water-soluble fertilizer. When stressed, however, plants can't really absorb all those delicious nitrates and phosphates.

Dumping fertilizer on a dying plant is like giving a heart attack victim a multivitamin: not quite the ideal time for bioavailablility. Aspirin is the solution pun! According to the exhaustive research I just performed on Wikipedia, salicylic acid can induce specific changes in root, stem, and leaf structure that create more robust plants.

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It can also help fruits and vegetables grow bigger and stronger. It will help your plants resist disease, insects, and unusually weak hailstorms. Additionally, an aspirin solution will also help your cut flowers last longer in the vase so you can go nearly a full week before raking up the dead petals. Unless you're playing the "he loves me, he loves me not" game, in which case you should just count the petals in advance to determine your romantic status and let the aspirin keep the bouquet pretty. Itchy flakiness got your shoulders looking like snowdrifts?

If you wear a black American Apparel hoodie that looks a bit like a heather gray American Apparel hoodie, perhaps you should consider using aspirin in your daily head-washing regimen. Crush up two aspirins into the normal amount of shampoo you use, then leave it in for several minutes. Don't do it with a dandruff-specific shampoo, but this is a great method of maintaining great-smelling hair without distributing enough fine white powder to cause an asbestos scare or DEA raid. If you're concerned about wasting water while you wait, shut off the water and just hang out for a minute while the aspirin does its job.

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They're not just in sports drinks and the athletes who drink them. They're also an important part of a car's battery.

6 Things Your Earwax Says About Your Health

But sometimes your car's battery needs an extra shot of juice to crank out just a little more energy to get your car moving. Aspirin apparently makes a lovely electrolytic stimulant that'll get you out of a really serious pickle. Because if you're popping open your car battery, things are probably pretty serious and AAA isn't coming any time soon.

Pry off the cover of the battery with a screwdriver or pry bar and drop two crushed aspirin into each cell of the battery. Theoretically , this should cause a chemical reaction that changes some of the sulfuric acid into acetic acid and provide just enough oomph to get the engine to start turning over. For bonus MacGyver points, try using cola to take any corrosion off of the terminals. If it's really cold outside, heat up the battery with whatever you've got on hand.

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Pouring hot water over the engine and battery itself with everything disconnected might help. Don't take Tylenol when you've been drinking. After a long night out on the town, if you are in any condition to do so, take two aspirin before bed.

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These will help decrease the severity of the hangover in the morning by inhibiting prostaglandins. You know you don't want those prostaglandins running around inside of your body like evil elves while you have the spins. Then take two more in the morning with some breakfast. It'll decrease the severity of the morning headache and decrease the elf- or prostaglandin-related swelling.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If it's one of those mornings where the hair of the dog sounds as appetizing as actual canine fur, aspirin's your ticket to a productive day. Note: The Netherlands Study on aspirin, available on-line, shows that people who take aspin bleed in their brains. It has been known that enteric coating helps keep people feom stomach bleeds, and moves aspirin to the intestines. The enteric coating won't stop bleeds to the brain. Surgeons advise patients to stop taking aspirin or other blood thinners prior to surgery.

Who knows when a person will need emergency surgery?

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There is an epidemic of dementia in the USA. Multiple brain bleeds, even small ones, will stack up over time, causing serious future risks. The cure to hangovers is not to get one. The other iuses for aspirin here seem good, and I will likely try a couple. Reply 1 year ago. There is not an epidemic of dementia. People are simply living much longer to the point where dementia is likely, compared to the past when the average lifespan was 65 or so before certain old age issues could really take hold for most. Same with many cancers. Cancer is going to get everyone eventually. But when people were only living to the mid 60s, fewer people got cancer.

Not because it was less prevalent, but because fewer people are dying of other causes before their cells can break down from cancer. Reply 3 years ago. I work in a Cardiac Cath lab, and I see a lot of heart attacks. Sometimes, ASA en-route in the ambulance, or at home, even prior to EMT arrival, can dissolute the platelet plug causing the MI, and can mitigate the effects on the myocardium. We work diligently to minimize the effects of MI on long term survivability, and ASA is one of our front-line meds.

My 2 cents' worth. If I were having a heart attack, I would take the aspirin. For a hangover? It appears that alcohol poisoning and aspirin both kill brain cells. Overuse of aspirin is not a good idea. Reply 2 years ago. Proof source, please? I have read that there is no evidence of brain cell loss from alcohol use.

I have never even heard of such an association with aspirin use, let alone low dose regimens for prevention of heart attack, stroke. If you can, look at the autopsy brains of drinkers and non-drinkers. THAT will show you the amount of brain tissue loss better than anything a person can tell you.

I used asprin and red wine in moderation with excercise for years and now im forty and i look 28 still. My husband swears by this. It helps your heart and even though it is an over the counter supplement his cardio doc recommended that he take it. He can tell when he has missed a dose.

It's a little pricey but to him it is well worth it. It's a natural pill. What does your brain look like? Five different types of tick diseases cause telltale skin rashes, from the bullseye of Lyme and STARI southern tick-associated rash illness to small pink spots dotting wrists, forearms, and ankles that are associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Starting a new medication always comes with potential reactions. The Academy also states that this rash can appear two to eight weeks after starting the med.

Watch out if you have a rash accompanied by fever or swelling of lymph nodes. If you have dry skin—especially in the winter months—you may be used to feeling itchy. But when a good moisturizer provides no relief, it could a skin problem that is a sign of a serious disease.

The Mayo Clinic notes that itchiness can be caused by some cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, as well as liver disease and kidney failure. Itchiness with night sweats, fevers, and unexplained weight loss are other red flag symptoms, she says. For run-of-the-mill itchy skin, try these home remedies. Early melanomas may appear like a new freckle for the first weeks or months, says Dr. Suspicious moles need to be checked out by a dermatologist.

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The American Academy of Dermatology recommends regular at-home skin checks. They encourage you to check your entire body to include your palms, soles, and even between your toes.

Dandruff Scraping Videos (aka the New Pimple-Popping Clips) Are Going Viral on YouTube

While the gut and skin may not seem all that connected, they are—check out these 21 secrets your gut is trying to tell you. Inflammatory conditions like irritable bowel disease IBD can show up on your skin. The condition is called erythema nodosum and may appear during a flare-up of symptoms, such as persistent diarrhea or bloody stool. In people who have hyperthyroidism, their metabolism is revved up.

This can translate to being hot and flushed particularly when no one else in the room is. Your doctor should question you about other symptoms that could signal thyroid dysfunction, like weight loss or difficulty sleeping.