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When the witches shall return we all shall forever burn Forever and ever and ever and ever …….

Paradise Lost: Book 1

We will reign in Hell! Under abysmal command! Tender is where I die Mystic rivers of fire now shall guide us On her last night she gave herself unto me eternally For now the moon it has eclipsed as the earth utterly Darkens Mercury stood afar from the sun having won Our house of truth above thy head, Infernal serpents crown Under a Full Moon where love is her doom 8. A spiritual echo on this night Welcome to H. Now I stand sword in hand under command Welcome to H. Convictions Born out of Darkness, Millenniums arise!

Tempters of inequity, Endless Sacrifice! Convictions- Revealed before all eyes Convictions- Unholy Lord of Flies Convictions- All truths become a lie Convictions Your god all ready dead, faith ruined lives On your knees ashamed, the abyss spits its penance Convictions- Revealed before all eyes Convictions- Unholy Lord of Flies Convictions- All truths become a lie Convictions No regard for history, pathetically pursued Suicide in sorrow, savior turns to dust Hypocrites in league, the idiot parade Ensemble of Evil, shall now forever reign!

Hate-evoking-reaching-for the truth!!! Sinister-Sentinels spreading secrets of life!!!! Thanks to satans. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. See also Alma — There never was but one Gospel. Whenever that Gospel has been upon the earth it has been the same in every dispensation. The ordinances of the Gospel have never been changed from the days of Adam to the present time, and never will be to the end of time.

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While there were many sects and parties in existence in the early times, Jesus gave his disciples to understand that there was but one Gospel. He told them what it was. Abel had been chosen to carry the responsibilities of the priesthood to succeeding generations. He was ordained when he was 69 years old and lived a total of years. This Adamic language, now unknown, was far superior to any tongue which is presently extant.

For instance, the name of God the Father, in this original language, is Man of Holiness, signifying that he is a Holy Man and not a vague spiritual essence.

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Moses The Prophet Joseph Smith taught:. He obtained it in the Creation, before the world was formed. The keys have to be brought from heaven whenever the Gospel is sent. There were twenty generations of the priesthood from Adam to Abraham, being passed from father to son. Eight generations are listed in Moses —25 from Adam to Methuselah ; in Moses —12 , three more generations Lamech, Noah, and Shem are given, and Genesis —26 records the nine generations from Shem to Abram Abraham.

The Bible contains only a few verses about Enoch see Genesis — Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. An additional quotation from the prophecies of Enoch is found in Jude —15 , and more information on his life is found in Luke and Hebrews Because of the wickedness of the people in the days of Enoch, the Lord called upon Enoch to preach repentance.

Enoch was not the only prophet who felt inadequate when the Lord called him. He perceives the meaning of that which seems obscure to others; therefore he is an interpreter and clarifier of eternal truth. He foresees the future from the past and the present. The good news of the plan of salvation is that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all mankind will overcome physical death and can overcome spiritual death see Romans ; Mosiah —4 ; Alma —43 ; Helaman —18 ; Moses Moses ; Moroni — God gave us the great gift of agency in the day He created us see Moses Man cannot be saved without birth into mortality, nor can he return to his heavenly home without a birth into the realm of the Spirit.

They are water, blood, and spirit. Thus every mortal birth is a heaven-given reminder to prepare for the second birth. At the appointed time the spirit enters the body, and blood always flows in the veins of the new person. Otherwise, without each of these, there is no life, no birth, no mortality. Otherwise, without each of these, there is no Spirit-birth, no newness of life, no hope of eternal life.

He sweat great drops of blood in Gethsemane as he took upon himself the sins of all men on conditions of repentance. This same agony and suffering recurred on the cross. Jesus said a person must be born of water and of the Spirit John —5. When he sent the twelve apostles forth to teach the gospel he told them that whosoever believed and was baptized would be saved; and whosoever did not believe would be damned Mark To be justified is to be made just, or free from guilt and sin.

To be sanctified is to be holy and worthy of eternal life and immortal glory see Moroni — Through His perfect Atonement, Jesus Christ shed His blood and made it possible for all who have faith and repent to be sanctified see Mosiah , 18 ; Alma — Thus, we are ransomed and made holy by the blood of Christ. He had to be one who had life in himself, and therefore all power over death.

No mortal man could make the atonement. Moreover, the atonement had to be made by the shedding of blood, for blood is the vitalizing force of the mortal body. Prophets have used these terms interchangeably. Understanding gospel symbols requires the uniting of an earthly or concrete dimension with a transcendent, spiritual dimension. These things not only testify of the existence of a Supreme Being, but also that He is Jesus Christ, the Creator of all.

The Lord taught His disciples to look upon the contents of the scriptures and see things concerning Himself see Luke — To search for and discover symbols of Christ in the scriptures is to open a wellspring of new thoughts and emotions relative to the Atonement. Enoch showed how Adam set the example for all of us by exercising his faith in Christ through baptism by water and the Spirit.

compilation: "Celebration For The Love Of Satan" (2011)

See the insights and commentary for Moses Enoch had an experience similar to that of Moses and Abraham see Moses ; Abraham Enoch was told at the beginning of his ministry that he would do great things see Moses Those people who were taken up into heaven without tasting death were translated.

Furthermore, in stark contrast to Satan and his angels, who laughed at the wickedness of mankind, Moses tells us that God wept over the wickedness of His children. The pronoun That refers to Jesus Christ.

The Satan and Demons

In the Pearl of Great Price, when Enoch is conversing with the Lord, he hears the earth crying for deliverance from the iniquity upon her face. The covenant that God made with Enoch was renewed with Noah. Jesus Christ is the only way by which we return to the Father see John Enoch saw that the earth would mourn and groan and its rocks would be rent when Christ was crucified and resurrected.

Enoch saw that the Saints who died before Christ would arise and be crowned at the right hand of God. Samuel the Lamanite also prophesied of a resurrection that would take place in America following the Resurrection of Christ see Helaman It cannot be overemphasized, nor can it be disregarded. No, the ultimate triumph is in the ultimate miracle: for the first time in the history of mankind, one who was dead raised himself into living immortality.

Enoch heard the earth asking when it could rest and be cleansed from the wickedness of its children see Moses The Lord called Enoch to be a preacher of righteousness see Moses — Enoch saw the Saints arise with resurrected bodies, receive crowns, and stand at the right hand of Christ see Moses He then foresaw his own glorious future see Moses God has promised all of His worthy children this same reward see Romans —17 ; Revelation Regarding grace, the Bible Dictionary states:.

This grace is an enabling power that allows men and women to lay hold on eternal life and exaltation after they have expended their own best efforts. We have seen the marvelous fulfillment of that prophecy in our generation.

Three siblings sacrifice their mother in Satanic ritual in Peru

God has also sent down righteousness from heaven. The angel Moroni, John the Baptist, Peter, James, and numerous other angels were directed by heaven to restore the necessary powers to the kingdom. This sacred volume of scripture needs to become more central in our preaching, our teaching, and our missionary work.

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I will answer. During the Millennium the earth will not be a celestial world. It will be in a terrestrial, or paradisiacal, condition, cleansed from wickedness. As the Millennium is ushered in, there will still be people of various religious beliefs residing on the earth. President Joseph Fielding Smith wrote:.

It is recorded in the Bible and other standard works of the Church that the earth will be cleansed of all its corruption and wickedness. Those who have lived virtuous lives, who have been honest in their dealings with their fellow man and have endeavored to do good to the best of their understanding, shall remain. Satan shall be bound so that he cannot tempt any man. Should any man refuse to repent and accept the gospel under those conditions then he would be accursed.

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Through the revelations given to the prophets we learn that during the reign of Jesus Christ for a thousand years, eventually all people will embrace the truth. Many generations of prophets foresaw Noah as the prophet in the days of the cleansing of the earth by flood see Moses , 9. He became a preacher of righteousness, even as Enoch. He, his wife, and his sons—Japheth, Shem, and Ham—and their wives were the only people to survive the Flood.

Noah holds the keys of his dispensation and stands next to Adam in authority see History of the Church, Noah is the angel Gabriel see History of the Church, , who appeared to Zacharias to announce that he would be the father of John the Baptist and to Mary to announce that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ. Through his various appearances, Noah has performed both of these functions. President Joseph Fielding Smith applied the lessons from Moses —15 to our day, saying:.

Thus they were cutting themselves off from the blessings of the priesthood contrary to the teachings of Noah and the will of God. Father Adam taught these things to his own children. Moses — Petersen, who was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, wrote:. In their portrayal of the crowd, these films display a kind of power worship — the mob over the individual. Later, we may side with another crowd, the revengers, but that identification will be just as dehumanising.

As long as there is blood and suffering, we are supposed to be satisfied. But, although there is horror, there is no murderous crowd. Behind all Freudianism, the play taps the root of a connection to the wild. It is a dream of renewal: the countryside stands against cold rationality, against industry. Like Equus, which was filmed in and recently revived with Daniel Radcliffe , this is folk horror at its most fruitful. The connection — the religious experience — belongs to a solitary figure. There is no crowing crowd. In both, a lonely boy tries to summon up a mystical intensity, as vision and reality blur.

The evil is entirely human. There is no divine appearance in Kill List, no conjuration, just bleakly absurd acts of extreme aggression, suicidal and murderous all at once. In fact, in the folk horror revival, the mystery no longer draws on fecundity and rebirth. Now the secret is violence. Wheatley is undoubtedly the master here. Both Kill List and A Field in England , his psychedelic fable set during the English civil war, transform cinema into a nightmare imbued with history and politics.

When they finally appear, the cultists are empty, faceless, uninterested in their own self-preservation, thanking the men who torture them, charging carelessly into a hail of bullets. Only mayhem, cruelty and violence engages them. As one, they politely applaud each extreme act of violence, their bland automatic approval part of the ritual.

Ultimately, this ghastly applause tells us that the cultists are the cinema audience.